Preliminary analysis of the new WSOP structure

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The WSOP have released some structures. I am sure I was not the only one excited to discover how the structure would evolve with the changes announced ( BB Ante, new Starting Stack, etc…). Terrific news so far: all tournament structure released to date are better for 2019 than the same tournament last year!!

Beside some critics, the re-entries had been implemented for a lot of tournaments ( apart from a few exceptions, Main event included obviously), late registration is often extended by several hours. Everything is done to increase attendance and to satisfy players by putting even more beautiful structures. It’s nice!!

Regarding the structure in details, here is what we can see so far : 

S-pts (notation of the structure) goes from 126 to 153
late reg is extended to 10.30pm instead of 5.55pm

S-pts goes from 155 to 177
late reg is extended to 10.15pm instead of 20.30pm C

A lot of changes for this one, beside the time of the month, it uses to be one of the first event and it’s now at the end of June.
The buy-in goes from $565 to $400 but the rake stays the same at $65 which is quiet big for a WSOP Event.
There will be only two day 1 instead of six last year.
The late reg is extended as well.
But the biggest differences is in the S-pts which goes from 56 to 112! Which is very deep for a tournament at that buy-in
It will be a completely different tournament this year which will have the name in common with last year. We can see that this year the record attendance will be tried to be broken on the Big 50 and not the Collossus.

S-pts is better and goes from 64 to 95
late reg extended
Rake dropped from $89 to $65 (dont be excited to soon, it might be a typo from the WSOP)

SENIORS $1,000
S-pts is better and goes from 113 to 144
late reg extended from 5.55pm to 8.15pm

BIG 50 $500
New tournament especially created for the 50th anniversary of the WSOP, the Structure is amazing for that Buy-in with a S-pts at 126. This tournament will be massive, and a must do if you are in Vegas early June!!!

Quick reminder: The S-pts is a notation of the quality of the structure, the greater is the number, the deeper and slower is  the tournament, the creator of the formula can be found here, but we modified slightly it to make our own.

A new update of our database will be released every time a new casino is releasing a serie schedule. ONLY 110 days to the start of the WSOP !!!!